What Are Partial Dentures? How Do They Help?

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men taking partial dentures treatment

Partial dentures are recommended to replace missing teeth or to fill in the gaps between them. These dentures usually consist of a removable replacement of missing teeth and surrounding tissues. This treatment is most effective if you miss some natural teeth. 

Based on your dental health, our dentist near you will design partial dentures for you. The dentist will assess the condition of the teeth before a temporary mould is made to determine how well it will fit. Once the dentist understands your denture fit better, they will create a suitable partial. They also have pink plastic or metal frames for a better fit.

How Partial Dentures Work?

The upper and lower teeth can be replaced with partial dentures, which function like natural teeth. These dentures close the gaps between your teeth and give your teeth a grip, improving your flexibility to smile. They are attached to a metal, or plastic frame specifically made to suit the space left by the missing teeth.

When one or more natural teeth remain in your upper or lower mandible, partial dentures can be worn. These partial dentures offer a natural appearance by supporting the new teeth while retaining the natural teeth in place. They are bridges that fill in the gap left by missing teeth and are secured to adjacent healthy teeth by caps—these aid in keeping the other teeth that are still present in a better position.

Sometimes partial dentures are constructed of acrylic and metal frameworks and have wire clasps. These are typically used to substitute partial metal teeth at a lower cost. The dentures are more likely to adhere to the leftover natural teeth with the help of these clasps.

It can initially feel a little uncomfortable after placing them. However, these metal clasps make it easier for the dentures to bond to the natural teeth that are still present. 


Dentures near you can enhance your life in many ways as they offer numerous benefits. Compared to other restorative procedures, they are cost-effective. Other benefits include those noted below:

Enhance facial appearance

Although partial dentures may initially feel awkward, they will give you the desired smile. Additionally, they can enhance the appearance of your entire face while providing excellent support for the jaw.

Improves chewing function 

It can take some time and practice to eat with dentures, but over time, it gets simpler. First, you should start by consuming soft meals. Chewing will feel more normal to you, and you won’t notice it after some time. 

Improves speaking

Speaking will be comfortable and straightforward for you with partial dentures. Speaking typically changes minimally and occasionally becomes awkward when teeth are lost. Initially, it might be challenging to pronounce some words, but with enough practice, it becomes natural and easy.

Dentures are an ideal and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. They offer you a smile that looks natural and are a non-invasive solution. Dentures that fit correctly will improve many aspects of your life, including your overall appearance.

With the potential to improve your speech and chewing ability, partial dentures are more than just a cosmetic device. Additionally, partial dentures can prevent your remaining teeth from shifting position over time.

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