What are Braces?

Receiving braces in Prince Albert is a common orthodontic treatment many people seek out to adjust their tooth alignment. This orthodontic treatment is specific to patient cases that require the correction of crowding, spacing, irregular bites, and other misalignment issues. This type of orthodontic treatment is beneficial in terms of functionality, appearance and oral health once the treatment process is complete. This is also a good option for patients who have speech issues and difficulties with their daily cleaning routines due to the position of their teeth.

Braces Near You

There are different types of misalignment cases. The most common two are overbites and underbites which require orthodontic correction. The underbite involves the lower teeth in a position that is projected further out than the upper teeth. The opposite of this would be an overbite, which involves the upper teeth being projected further out than the lower teeth. Braces are typically recommended for patients who have teeth overcrowding, which is a condition characterized by patients having insufficient space in their mouths for the teeth to grow and become positioned normally.

If patients have the opposite condition, which is spacing between the teeth, they can also be recommended the use of braces. However, for cases that aren’t as severe and would not require extensive orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment issues, Invisalign is often a good option. Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist in Prince Albert to see which method is most recommended for you.

Braces vs. Invisalign

There are different options that one can choose from and these can include the use of Invisalign, metal braces and tooth-coloured ceramic braces. These options are available in our dental clinic in Prince Albert. When we speak of Invisalign, we are talking about a modern orthodontic treatment which uses a series of clear, removable aligners to correct the teeth’s alignment. The use of ceramic or metal dental bases involves brackets being placed on each tooth and connected with a metal wire to achieve the correct positioning until treatment is finished. Determining which orthodontic treatment is right for you will be in the hands of your orthodontist in Prince Albert after an overall evaluation of your or your child’s teeth. Both braces and Invisalign in Prince Albert have proven to be very effective orthodontic treatments for people of varying ages.

Orthodontics for Children

When improper alignment in kids is seen, it is recommended to begin the correct process early on before it becomes worse. Your child should be brought to a Prince Albert orthodontist by the age of 7 to receive a full smile assessment. This involves an evaluation of your child’s bite and growth patterns, which can help predict any future orthodontic issues. Early detection of emerging misalignment issues can often lead to a more simplified and quick treatment process when the child is at the appropriate age to begin.

Orthodontics for Adults

Since it is a more common trend for adults to seek orthodontic treatment, the most popular choice has been Invisalign treatment. This is due to the fact that it is a discrete method of correcting misaligned teeth and accommodates the patient’s lifestyle, with its removable aligners. This allows the patient to eat, drink, and clean their teeth as they regularly would outside of receiving orthodontic treatment. However, in some cases, braces might be recommended by an orthodontist in Prince Albert if there are severe misalignment issues that can’t be corrected using Invisalign. By visiting your orthodontist in Prince Albert you are able to determine which route is best for your specific case. An orthodontist near you would be happy to provide orthodontic treatment in Prince Albert.