Dental Crowns and Bridges Near You

When it comes to oral care and treatments available, most individuals are conscious of the appearance of their teeth and how these treatments will improve or draw attention to their teeth. Some reasons individuals seek dental treatment involve the following: discoloration, decay, damage or tooth misalignment. Having these types of oral health issues can be concerning, however, the capable hands of an experienced dentist in Prince Albert can help.

It is ideal to set an appointment with a Prince Albert dentist at least twice a year to determine your current oral health and apply the necessary treatments for that specific individual. Apart from being confident with your smile, it is important to have healthy teeth as this can impact your overall health over time.

Some of the most common procedures are the application of dental crowns and dental bridges. These are common restorative measures that allow people to gain the ability to eat and speak comfortably while restoring the normal function of their teeth.

What are Dental Crowns? Why Do You Need One?

When we talk about a dental crown, we are referring to a cap that is placed securely on a vulnerable or compromise tooth. Crowns can be made from ceramic, porcelain, and base metal alloys. There are many reasons why a patient may need a dental crown such as the following:

  • A small fracture or crack in the tooth
  • Discoloration of a specific tooth
  • After root canal treatment
  • As a prosthesis attached to a dental implant
  • A solution for large fillings, decayed teeth, and fractured fillings

This is also known for being one of the best ways to restore the aesthetics of a person’s smile.

What are Dental Bridges? Why Do You Need One?

Bridges are necessary to replace one or more missing teeth. Losing a tooth can affect your appearance and your normal day-to-day activities. A gap between teeth can also make your surroundings shift, which can cause a problem with your bite and alignment. The process of getting a dental bridge involves using adjacent teeth for support. This works as an anchor as the bridges are placed into the mouth as either a removable or permanent appliance. To know more about this, visit a Prince Albert dentist. This is necessary to maintain your face’s appearance and restore your chewing capability. This is a good intervention to make sure your teeth do not drift out of their correct position over time.