Important Facts About Your Oral Health

If my tooth gets loose or knocked out what can I do?

First, you will need to stop the bleeding by biting on clean gauze. Place your avulsed tooth under your tongue or in a clean container with whole milk or saline. Be sure to visit your dentist in Prince Albert within an hour.

How often should I visit my dental clinic near me for a checkup and cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings and examinations should be scheduled a minimum of every six months. Patients who suffer from periodontal (gum) disease or systemic conditions may need to schedule more frequent appointments.

Do I actually need an X-ray? Are they safe?

Yes, dental X-rays are a crucial tool that is used to detect severe diseases or infections. At our dental clinic in Prince Albert, we utilized advanced digital imaging systems that are low in radiation compared to other medical CT scans and X-rays. You can expect up to 80% less radiation than traditional dental radiography.

When should my child see the dentist for the first time?

Your child should have their first official dental visit scheduled by the time they are 2 to 3 years old as most of the primary teeth have erupted at this age.

Why are dental fillings necessary for baby teeth?

Your child’s primary teeth serve critical roles! These primary teeth enable your child to chew, eat, speak, and smile. To ensure that your child’s permanent teeth grow properly, they must be kept in the best condition to avoid infection, premature loss, poor aesthetics, and pain.

My teeth never give me pain or problems; why would they need to be checked?

Commonly, gum disease and cavities are painless until they advance into something more serious. When these kinds of problems advance, treatment becomes more uncomfortable, complicated, and expensive. Receiving regular dental checkups and cleaning can help detect and prevent problems from occurring or worsening.

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