The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Treatments

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The words dentistry and orthodontics in Prince Albert are not interchangeable. While dentists and orthodontists both work on issues concerning oral health, the specific issues that they treat, and the treatment methods that they use are different from each other.

Dentistry tackles a broader spectrum of oral health issues pertaining to the teeth, gums and the jaw, while orthodontics tackle more specific problems regarding the malposition of teeth and jaws. This article gives a brief but comprehensive look into the significant orthodontic treatments offered.

When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Simply put, you should see an orthodontist when you need your teeth straightened. Reasons for misalignment or crooked teeth can differ from one person to another. Following are some of the more specific issues that can be solved with the help of a dentist. Being knowledgeable about what exactly orthodontic treatment can address is useful when you search for a dental office near you in order to find a well-reputed place to receive treatment.

  • Fixing gaps between teeth
  • Teeth alignment issues
  • Straightening crooked tooth
  • Some speech and chewing difficulties due to teeth and jaw misalignment
  • Excessive wear and tear of teeth
  • Fixing malocclusions

Most of these issues require a treatment plan that includes a combination of different orthodontic treatments. These are determined after a complete examination by a qualified dentist is conducted. Treatment will depend on the complexity of the issues and the desired results expressed by the patient (if there are aesthetic concerns). Following are some of the orthodontic treatments used for specific oral misalignment and other issues.

Orthodontic Treatments

• Underbite – This is a common orthodontic problem that includes having a lower jaw or teeth that extend farther than the upper jaw. The orthodontic treatment for this issue includes surgeries, and the use of wires, braces, and screws, depending on the severity of the issue.

• Spacing – Spacing problems or gaps between the teeth are another common problem that can be treated with proper orthodontic treatment. It is a cosmetic issue; therefore, the desired results may differ from one person to another. Treatments for gap teeth are mostly concerned with the front upper teeth, which are visible when smiling. Dental veneers in Prince Albert are a highly effective method for treating gaps between teeth.

• Protrusion – Also casually known as buck teeth, this orthodontic issue is when a patient’s upper teeth protrude over their lower teeth. The causes for this issue mainly include the shape of someone’s jaw, which can be genetic for the most part. Childhood habits, like sucking the thumb and using a pacifier, can largely contribute to the development of this issue as well. It can cause problems with biting, and also can look unappealing. This is one of the most common issues corrected with braces. If the protrusion is mild, it can be fixed by wearing a simple retainer as well. It can also be successful with a more convenient and modern orthodontic treatment such as wearing Invisalign in Prince Albert.

• Open-bite – This happens when the upper and lower teeth of a person do not overlap in any way. It creates a gap between the bite when the mouth is closed. It is often caused by sucking of the thumb as a child or tongue thrusting. When it comes to treatment for open-bite, it is a relatively lengthy procedure, including behaviour modification. Some surgeries can be done for a quick fix. Braces and Invisalign treatment is more prolonged yet effective at solving the issue.

• Crowding – the overcrowding of teeth is an issue that happens when the jaw runs out of space that is needed for the remaining teeth to come out. Several orthodontic treatments can be done, which can fix most of these issues without having to extract them. Wearing custom-designed braces is perhaps the most popular and effective way to fix this problem. Invisalign treatment can also be used for less complex issues regarding crowded teeth.