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dentures in Prince Albert

As we grow in years, our teeth tend to decline in health making us visit the dentist more often. This is a natural change as life reminds us that our bodies need more attention than we awarded them in our younger days. Many physical changes brought on by age are difficult to deal with and need time and patience to become a regular part of life. As a dentist near you will surely caution, so is the case with dentures!

Ideally, this dental device is supposed to last five to seven years, with minor adjustments once in a while, but to achieve that you need to take great care of your dentures right from the start. To know more about this, let us first get a hang of what this procedure entails.


Your dentist in Prince Albert, can guide you through the process of obtaining dentures, which involves –

  • Getting your teeth extracted – Depending on whether you are going for partial or full dentures, your dentist will assess which teeth need to be extracted, if not lost already. This is needed to make space for the proper fixing of your dentures. A sedative is administered before the procedure to remove teeth. You will be provided with a set of temporary dentures after the procedure, until the permanent ones are ready.
  • Gum healing – After tooth extraction, your gums need time to heal completely, over a period of 6 months. Until they have healed and are ready for the new dentures, you will be wearing temporary ones to enable you to carry on with your daily activities. Once your dentist confirms that your gums have healed satisfactorily, they will take the impression of your upper and lower gums to prepare for the permanent dentures.
  • Fixing the dentures – Once the laboratory for dentures near you is ready with your new set of customized dentures, your dentist will call you for the final fitment. The upper set is fixed using the suction method, while the lower set is set with gravity. It takes a few visits to the dental clinic before they are properly fixed. Your dentist will make you wear them to check for positioning and fit. Any minor adjustments required will be taken care of before you go home with your new dentures and your new smile!

It is indeed a major decision to opt for dentures as you cannot undo the process once the procedure has been done. The rewards for undergoing it though, certainly make up for all the wait and difficulty during the procedure.


Now, once you return home with your dentures, it is essential to know the best ways you can maintain them and make them last as long as they should. Typically, dentures need refixing every 4 years, but like with all things in life, can last longer if taken good care of. Be sure to:

  • Clean them regularly with a recommended denture cleaning kit and water
  • Rinse thoroughly after every meal to prevent staining from food
  • Remove them before sleeping and soak them in denture solution overnight
  • Handle them gently to prevent damage or chipping
  • Keep them away from children or pets to avoid chances of breakage
  • Visit your dentist in case of any discomfort as soon as possible

When deciding to opt for dentures in Prince Albert, Prairie Pines Dental Centre can assure you a pleasant experience! Schedule your appointment today for dentures near you.