How Long Will Your Gums Need to Heal After Extractions Before Getting Dentures?

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If you wear dentures, you are aware of their significance to both your appearance and quality of life. If you’ve never worn dentures before and haven’t had a pair fitted, you might be curious about what the procedure entails.
You might be concerned about how long it will take for your gums to heal if you need to have an extraction in order to receive dentures. You must wait to get permanent dentures fitted by a general dentist in Prince Albert right away following an extraction. It will take time for your gums and other tissues to heal.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Depending on the type of denture in question, a patient may need to wait a certain amount of time before having dentures placed in their mouth. Three to six months after teeth have been removed, patients’ custom-made dentures should fit. The gum tissue has plenty of time to repair while you wait so long. This waiting period also ensures that the dentures will fit perfectly. During the waiting period, there is no need for concern regarding your gums. As the gum tissue heals, the dentist will give you temporary, instant dentures.

It is ideal to include dentures in your mouth once the tissues have fully recovered. After the tooth extraction, it typically takes six to eight weeks to get dentures near you to be fitted. But every patient is different. Some people will need to wait for several months or more, while others will need to wait one month.

Which Dentures are Best?

After the teeth are removed, immediate dentures are swiftly fitted. Immediate dentures are used to preserve both the jaw and the mouth’s structural integrity. The jaw bone will begin to shrink after the natural teeth are lost. Immediate dentures need to be relined or refitted. Immediate dentures need to be refitted several times to account for the receding jaw bone if you choose to use them as permanent dentures. A new denture will still frequently be required.

Effects of Dental Implants on the Treatment

The healing time between extraction and permanent dentures is longer when patients have dental implants as part of their denture procedure. Most of the time, patients must wait four to six months. It enables a patient’s titanium gum screws to attach to their jawbone. Furthermore, before permanent dentures are inserted, the surrounding tissue must heal.

The process continues with a cleaning after the patient’s gums have recovered. This phase could take a while, depending on how long it’s been since a patient’s last cleaning. Dentures in Prince Albert, particularly partial ones, may not adhere to any clasps or remaining teeth if the gums aren’t clean.

Choosing Dental Implants to Anchor Dentures

For those who choose to use dental implants to anchor their dentures, the recovery time ranges from four to six months. Osseointegration, a technique in which the titanium screws implanted in the gums link to the jaw bone, necessitates this prolonged healing period.

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