Different Types of Dental Implant Solutions

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dental implants in Prince Albert

If you feel self-conscious about a gap in your smile because of a missing tooth, you may be looking into dental implants near you. Dental implants are a proven way to successfully replace missing teeth. They are a permanent solution to missing teeth, and many patients enjoy the restored functionality that dental implants offer them.

At Prairie Pines Dental, we several types of dental implants to our patients to meet their needs. Read more to discover the type of dental implant solution that may be right for you.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal screw that is surgically implanted into a patient’s jawbone. It is designed to securely hold an artificial tooth in place, filling the gap left behind by a missing tooth and preventing problems such as shifting teeth or bone deterioration.

Dental implants come with a host of benefits such as:

  • Protection for your teeth and jawbone
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Enhanced speech capabilities
  • No special cleaning or maintenance required

If you are interested in dental implants in Prince Albert, please contact our team at Prairie Pines Dental today; we are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Living with Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth is extremely challenging. Teeth contribute to one’s overall health and having a single missing tooth can lead to misalignment, making your overall oral hygiene routine more difficult. Furthermore, without teeth to stimulate the jawbone, patients with missing teeth face the risk of bone deterioration and sunken cheeks.

Dental implant solutions come in many forms, and no matter what your situation is, you can trust that your dentist in Prince Albert will find a solution for your needs.

Single Tooth Implants

A common dental implant solution, single tooth implants are ideal for patients who have a single missing tooth that requires replacement. Even if you have been missing a tooth for a long time, this type of implant can still be effective.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

If you have a large gap in your smile due to several missing teeth, an implant-supported dental bridge may be the way to go. A dental bridge typically relies on other healthy teeth as anchors; however, implant-supported bridges use dental implants to suspend a false tooth, preventing a dentist from having to trim down otherwise healthy teeth.

Full-Mouth Dental Implants

Otherwise called permanent dentures, this type of dental implant procedure replaces all the teeth on an upper or lower arch. This procedure is ideal for patients that require most of their teeth to be extracted.

Full mouth dental implants use a couple of strategically placed implant posts. These posts work to make the most of the existing jawbone and are used to support a denture. There are multiple benefits to having fixed dentures rather than removable dentures, including:

  • No more sore gums
  • No slipping dentures
  • Confidence in your smile
  • Strengthening existing bone
  • Easy cleaning

If you already have removable dentures, don’t rule out fixed dentures! This may be a great way to reap the benefits of dentures without any of the setbacks that come with removable dentures.

Visit Our Dental Office in St. Prince Albert

When you visit Prairie Pines Dental, our dentist near you will be sure to go over all your options for dental implant solutions and work with you to find the most cost-effective and viable solution for your needs. Your oral health is of the utmost priority to us, and our team of dedicated dental professionals will do everything we can to protect it. Please contact our dental office near you to book a consultation today.