Are You New to Dentures? Here’s What You Should Know

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To lose a tooth is an embarrassing situation. First-timers can find the choice of a suitable replacement alternative that fits their needs quite…difficult. Dentures are an incredible financial option for replacing teeth that are no longer existent. The following are five situations to expect when acquiring dentures.

1. Sensitive Areas Appear in the First Hours

A major issue that appears after the dentures are installed is developing sore areas. The first 24 hours are uncomfortable because of the denture’s pressure points. These sensitive areas can be painful and lead to you removing the dental device. Your dentist at the dental clinic in Prince Albert will accommodate the denture to prevent further damage.

Nonetheless, the denture must remain inside the mouth for at least 12 hours before the adjustment appointment. Any sore areas in pressure points will reveal the sections of the denture that needs adjustments. After these changes, the denture will fit comfortably and will only need time to settle.

2. Increased Salivation

The healing process often entails increased saliva production and discomfort over the sore areas. Extra salivation is a natural response from your body to a foreign object being placed inside your mouth. This food-related response will decrease after a few days of wearing the dentures. The salivation excess is typical within the first few days, so don’t worry. These situations aren’t a sign that anything is wrong.

3. Learn How to Chew

After receiving a new denture, eating can become quite an ordeal. Adapting to a wholly different way to chew will need practice until you gradually improve enough to eat dishes and meals without any issues. The beginning can be rough, but most people get used to this after one or two months of practice. The following tips are helpful to improve your new chewing style:

  • Start to practice with meals that are easier to chew. Restrict your cooking to soft meals at the beginning and gradually add more solid dishes.
  • The use of your front teeth leads to poor denture fitting. Try to chew on the sides of your mouth to ease the process.
  • By chewing on both sides, you will guarantee the stability of the denture.
  • Avoid stuffing your mouth with food, since it can make things more painful.
  • Chew your food slowly to avoid painful bites.
  • Cut harder food into smaller pieces. Otherwise, eating carrots and apples, for instance, will be a torturous experience.

4. New Speaking Style

To achieve a full radiant smile is simple with dentures in Prince Albert. Nonetheless, once you start wearing dentures your speaking style can change completely. Tongue movements change after you start wearing a denture, altering the way you sound. Your speech will improve with continuous training. Start practicing with words that are complex and cause you to struggle the most. By speaking aloud and having careful attention to the sounds you are making, you’ll acclimate both your brain and tongue, to the new prosthetics. Your pronunciation will need considerable practice and patience to improve.

5. Revolution of Your Oral Care Routine

After obtaining dentures near you, prosthetic teeth need your commitment to their preservation. The longevity of these prosthetic devices demands extra care. Oral health professionals recommend gentle brushing and special aids to preserve the condition of your dentures. For instance, soaking your denture inside a glass with a liquid denture cleanser or water overnight is necessary. Neglecting your oral care will deteriorate prosthetics teeth over time, and eventually, you might need to get new ones.

The transition into a comfortable smile and life with dentures might not always be sunny. Nonetheless, this solution is worth the inconveniences that might arise during the first few days. Training and perseverance are essential to succeed through this smile makeover process. Find the support of a professional dental team to acquire dentures near you and enjoy the long-term benefits that they bring.